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Summer, Fall & Winter  2009


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By William T. Joyner

Frank Baums story about the Land of Oz is really about The Land of Us. Its about the Magic Kingdom within.

To Relate is to create . . . .    Corita

Be swept
from false worlds of amusement
by your own bemusement. 

That we control

the situation is

as much an illusion

as the notion

that were really

getting somewhere

as a result of our mania

for constantly being

in motion.

    La Strada (The Road)   Avoid contact at all cost, and whatever else, dont let anybody get ahead of you! These are the innate, unavoidable rules of the road on the racetrack that is our average modern highway. Suffice it to say, we are never less free
than when we are driving.




Is there anything truer than truth? Yes, legend. This  gives eternal meaning to ephemeral truth.

                     Nikos Kazantzakis






A smallish war about the quality and content

of public art in Sarasota

rages across the front page

of our newspaper

and in the hallowed halls

of the City Commission,

involving, as you might expect,

the presently installed

Fifty Foot Woman

and Her Sailor Guy

(my title),

which now graces

or disgraces,

our most central view

of the bay.


The sculptors title

is Unconditional Surrender,

the implications of which,

in my opinion,

spring from


roots. I think the

word applied to

the statues title

by Ms. Hoffman,

chair of our public arts


is apt:




Birds are chirping
outside in the easy,
almost autumn, air.



Now is the active edge
of time, where history
is being made
through the creation
of new realities,
as possibility
and actuality



I like to hide now & then, just like everyone else

  so we all have our cherished secrets,

ok? secrets which are probably

   so out in the open

   that were the last ones

   to know the game

   is already up.


Slinging around my own version of truth,

   with a dash of scholarship

   and derived wisdom tossed in,

that used to be

   my game, the foolishness

   of preaching, as St. Paul

   called it.

But then I learned

   what Alan Watts proclaimed

   from his Buddhist

   orientation, that:

Preaching is moral



I do still preach now & then

   not always inadvertently

   to young friends

who I would not like

   to see sliding away

   from the world

of their own


As for the effectiveness


   of such preachments,


    I am extremely


    that it does

    any good

    at all.


Alan Watts also claimed

   that hide and go seek

   is the quintessential

human game.

   Duplicity, deception,

is it not a part of

   the universal



Still, remember Jonah

    and the folks in Ninevah

    to whom he was sent

to preach about their need

    for improvement,

    and how, to his great

surprise, they did change!  
Bill Joyner


MAN ON WIRE is a boss documentary film! Tracing the early origins

of Philip Petits passionate obsession with walking a wire between the

twin towers of the Trade Center right up to the moment when he steps

out in 1974 to do just that, it is a story of heroic madness and achievement,                         

rightly compared, I think, to Werner Herzogs depiction of the similarly                                            possessed character in his movie FITZCARRALDO, who moves heaven and

earth to drag a ship over a mountain to an inland lake. But in MAN

ON WIRE, we are seeing the breath-taking reality of a truly incredible death-defying feat. Unforgettable!



Theres a magic synergy

between mud and seed,

the sacred drama

of re-creation

taking place

right before

our eyes.



I realized that I had been seeking God all those years

 while never noticing that He was right in front of me,

 just like the fianc who thinks he has lost his

 engagement ring, searches anxiously for it

 everywhere, and does not find it because

 he is wearing it on his finger.


     Nikos Kazantzakis in his spiritual autobiography

 REPORT TO GRECO (P. 488, or thereabouts)



Some things I have heard about


from initial readership:

"t touched me."


"Nothing in there is boring."

Some people report their pleasure in being able to look at just one thought or page and put the book aside 'till next time. Others have expressed appreciation for the variety afforded by the inclusion of quotations from different writers and sources. Hey, I read it myself now and then, and in my opinion, it's a great little coffee table or gift item book, good looking and substantive. If you'd like a copy, just send $20, which includes mailing costs. Plus, I'll autograph each copy that goes out.


Kiki Joyner Michaelek


THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL (A Circus of Spiritual Discovery)

By Bill Joyner

This baby is born, weighing in at 51/2" X 81/2" and 91 pages. Thanks to each of you who have invested in this endeavor. The first edition of only 125 copies is sold out, but the current printing is available for a donation of $20, including postage. Just let me know by mail (POB 3411/Sarasota, FL 34230), phone (941-355-4050) or e-mail ([email protected]) if interested.


William T. Joyner

The Celestial Carousel is a collage of original text, social commentary, quotations from American literature, and artwork by noted cartoonist, Christopher Browne.

In this "Circus of Spiritual Discovery," poet William T. Joyner explores secular experience and biblical ideals as a natural/Taoist response to the uneasy rise of worldwide fundamentalism in the 21st Century.


Bill Joyner

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