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Dear Friends of The Seed Catalog

After 30 some years, it seems reasonable to take a break in producing &
distributing this little publication, so I will do so until around the first of 2010, during which time I plan to put together another book around my now familiar theme of natural spirituality.


Please suggest any pieces from The Seed Catalog which you consider especially worth repeating in that collection, do stay in
touch, and I'll hope to see you again in the not too distant future.


Meanwhile,there is our web site www.seedcatalog.cc .

Thanks for your continued interest.

Bill Joyner (July 22, 2009)


Bill Joyner


Rev. William Thomas Joyner . . .

. . . educated at Elon College and Duke Divinity School, before serving as an ordained minister of the Congregational Christian Church and the United Christ of Christ in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Florida before accepting retired status which he now enjoys in Sarasota, Florida.



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