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Sunday, March 29, 2009


RAISING SAND, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant's collabrative album/cd,

is, to me, a series of variations spiritually derived from the LED ZEPPELIN

song "Stairway to Heaven". Love that subdued, bittersweet, down home rollikin' sound.

Thank you,

T Bone Burnett.



"She had no techniques," mega-director John Huston said of Marilyn Monroe. "It was all the truth."

-- from Gloria Steinem's book MARILYN: NORMA JEAN


Of herself, Marilyn said, "I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."
Monday, March 23, 2009

The creative impulse is suppressed when the mind

is distracted by extraneous amusements,
created elsewhere
by someone else .


To live calmly
in the midst of

constant distraction,

would require the
of Buddha


I do believe we can

the unrelenting

upon stillness
and singular

attention, if we,

more & more often

turn it all off
and just

Stillness is the key,

  stay under its spell

  as long as you can,

for that is where

  love lingers and

where words

  into deeper forms

  of language.







I dunno, talking to yourself can be some kind of a cure, I guess.
Ambiguity is my style.
Androgony is my life.

  Michael Caine in the movie IS ANYBODY THERE? is quite wonderful as an aged magician nearing the end of his journey, slipping not altogether gracefully into realms of dementia, decidedly in need of the assisted living community to which he is assigned by conditions beyond his control. There, he acquires, reluctantly at first, an incidental apprentice in the person of the young son of the couple who run the facility. My favorite moment is when one of the client/residents, a billuous lady who floats through the movie in kind of a beautific trance, responds to one of the tricks the boy demonstrates with a beaming expression of amazement as she says, "Abracadabra!"




Our daily need is to set up for ourselves a series of small, quickly achievable successes, thereby creating confidence for meeting life's larger demands.


"This day is holy to the Lord your God;

do not mourn or weep."

-Nehemiah 8:9


Variation does not enhance stability.

  Innovation requires

  space, freedom,

  and control.



Absence as a Window



Take a deep breath
   and blow it all out!
You need not be
or unsure
   of your own
simplicity.  Fear not. Be Loved.



Saturday, March 9, 2009

Up then

  from the

of global despair

  and "evangelical
  pessimism". *

Up frorn
  the fog

  of fear


up from .
   the morass

   of doubt
and indecision.

Up to
  the highlands

of "YES-
    by God's grace

and through.


    ingenuity & 
    cooperation -

           *Lynda Resnik




Excerpt from a review (check it out on line at Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Wmter 2007):


Down under the sea perhaps there are wise fish, wary of the wiggly worm dangling from a hook, greatly outnumbered, I'm sure, by masses of more gullible ones who devoutly and completely believe that the bait is paradise itself come true.


Franz Wright's poetry invites us to the edge, to that risky precipice where words succeed in their failure; to that frighten ing fulcrum where the world teeters. back and forth, between abyss and icon; and to the dark comers of a brokenhearted world where there are holes cut out for the grace to get in.



  God's Silence, by Franz Wright.

Knopf, 160 pages, $25.





No time to review 

   or assess

   when everything

is ending and


all at once.

Only time to

hold on to

whatever you can

hold onto

and let the rest



Re-dedicated to Elaine Knapp. who blessed this effort in 2006 with a remembrance in her will. Thank: you again. Elaine!







Some things I have heard about


from initial readership:

"t touched me."


"Nothing in there is boring."

Some people report their pleasure in being able to look at just one thought or page and put the book aside 'till next time. Others have expressed appreciation for the variety afforded by the inclusion of quotations from different writers and sources. Hey, I read it myself now and then, and in my opinion, it's a great little coffee table or gift item book, good looking and substantive. If you'd like a copy, just send $20, which includes mailing costs. Plus, I'll autograph each copy that goes out.


Kiki Joyner Michaelek




THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL (A Circus of Spiritual Discovery)

By Bill Joyner

This baby is born, weighing in at 51/2" X 81/2" and 91 pages. Thanks to each of you who have invested in this endeavor. The first edition of only 125 copies is sold out, but the current printing is available for a donation of $20, including postage. Just let me know by mail (POB 3411/Sarasota, FL 34230), phone (941-355-4050) or e-mail ([email protected]) if interested.




William T. Joyner

The Celestial Carousel is a collage of original text, social commentary, quotations from American literature, and artwork by noted cartoonist, Christopher Browne.

In this "Circus of Spiritual Discovery," poet William T. Joyner explores secular experience and biblical ideals as a natural/Taoist response to the uneasy rise of worldwide fundamentalism in the 21st Century.


 Bill Joyner

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